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stacy + joe…vintage flair in the claremont village

Stacy and I met about a year ago and immediately I knew I liked her.  She is dynamic, stylish and best of all, up for anything!  When she introduced me to Joe I immediately understood their connection.  They complimented each other so perfectly…. Stacy with her bubbly personality, creative mind and moving at full speed at all times ( I can SO relate to her!) and Joe with his quiet confidence… confidence in his love for Stacy, confidence in her ideas, and confidence that he had found THE ONE!  It is a pleasure to be in their presence and experience their love for one another.  Thank you Stacy and Joe for allowing me to be a part of your journey.  Cheers to a life of happieness!  xoxo, -k-The all star team that we assembled for Joe and Stacy was amazing!Tara Nicole and Lauren at Casa 425 , you are the best!  If you haven’t seen this fabulous boutique venue in the Claremont village, you have to see it!Tommy Farmer Floral Design, thank you for interpreting our vision!Chenin Boutwell of Boutwell Studios… talk about a pro!  Chenin performed her photo brilliance for us while 8 1/2 mos. pregnant!  You are amazing, my friend!413228bde13841eeae1b78d2a53b9a6d1.jpg96dc86ca5abd6c27b274e201a2b434cc1.jpg3cebe6289df0fd2011ec8ccfc2a908271.jpgd7b3d07b479681a9cae52a19e8b5f2b91.jpg945f1742554c6e91c71830d051cc3de6.jpg7b98afda3cc4883f1e19b977a254ea54.jpg5ca244cfd93799727db8fe7be2a7bd0d.jpg2f4ae9e81010c919deb87153198554cb1.jpgbaaad90ec4df92ba84aa71c08c56d0c1.jpg696878b32cbc57847865434c45adb478.jpgad66b34195aa0c7f861e5f1bfdb1c318.jpg4fe296a0bbadf676f2e45397dfc019bf.jpg6aa82c4ee870ab59f0aae114e4d80f0a.jpg082955498ce5658f70d390352f03fc7a.jpgf60c15b14e25fdcd61a642107fb84d90.jpg84cb60d0e23261a010142d74f414e8a2.jpg01e6efe8306957e6b5ca88d884c81a96.jpg5e4b4f0a151e37ea2962eb69ef9de97d.jpgae20897d79a5514a946f97b85159d7d0.jpg27decd94ee605cd3091e7b68964693fd.jpgae817b12a150071cfd6a4e9dfa8ca1b2.jpg

peri + dave… hotel casa 425, claremont

It is a lovely thing to watch a young women dream and plan for her wedding… it becomes truly magical when you have known that girl most of her life.  This is the case of my sweet Peri.  She is the kind of person that lights up a room.  Peri was our neighbor, friend and our girls’ babysitter for many years.  We all adore her, so it had to take a really special guy to capture her heart ( and ours!)…enter, Dave.  Dave is just cool.  You know the type of guy that people just love to be around…that’s him.  He and Peri fit like two puzzle pieces.  We couldn’t be happier for them.  When Peri approached me about helping her plan their wedding, to say that I was honored was an understatement.  So we spent an afternoon talking about the things that Peri and Dave liked and what came from that conversation was a year long adventure of planning from Boston to So. Cal ( Peri and Dave live in Boston now!), a brilliantly fun design, and a deeper friendship for which I am eternally grateful.  I love you guys and wish you a life of endless bliss!  xoxo, -k-Now for the pictures!  I was so lucky to have a wonderful team of vendors…Casa 425  is an amazing venue for an event.  A chic, boutique hotel in the heart of the Claremont village, it has only 27 rooms and it is perfect for a hotel buyout to hold your entire wedding group!  Carissa from JL Designs is one of the most creative florists I have worked with in a while!Town and Country Rentals provided the fun bamboo chairs and rentals.The ridiculously decadent cake and desserts were made by none other than Melody at Sweet and Saucy Shop.Thank you to Spaggis and Chef Henry for the delicious dinner.Peri and the girls were made gorgeous by the fab Christina Gaudy from CMG Cosmetics.Finally, the photography eye candy is from the beautifully artistic eye of Julie Weaver Photography.41146_1579779017030_1312296982_1635274_5759840_n.jpg41146_1579779057031_1312296982_1635275_7792347_n.jpg41146_1579778937028_1312296982_1635272_2684198_n.jpg40072_1579780577069_1312296982_1635305_6651323_n.jpg39892_1579779657046_1312296982_1635290_2325904_n.jpg39892_1579779617045_1312296982_1635289_1333314_n.jpg36792_1579777656996_1312296982_1635258_4618035_n1.jpg36792_1579777696997_1312296982_1635259_2860440_n.jpg39827_1579782017105_1312296982_1635337_3112076_n.jpg40072_1579780817075_1312296982_1635311_6215190_n.jpg44646_1579781937103_1312296982_1635335_2904097_n.jpg44646_1579781977104_1312296982_1635336_1617963_n.jpg39892_1579779537043_1312296982_1635287_4407314_n.jpg39892_1579779497042_1312296982_1635286_1560150_n.jpg1.jpg39892_1579779737048_1312296982_1635292_288386_n.jpg41146_1579779177034_1312296982_1635278_4287802_n.jpg39827_1579782097107_1312296982_1635339_3146173_n.jpg41146_1579779097032_1312296982_1635276_330390_n.jpg41335_1579776936978_1312296982_1635256_7808707_n.jpg44646_1579781817100_1312296982_1635332_4748114_n.jpg44646_1579781897102_1312296982_1635334_7413418_n.jpg39892_1579779777049_1312296982_1635293_3089080_n.jpg

erin + brian… a claremont wedding

It was nearly a year in planning…but it flew by!  Erin and Brian were a poignant reminder of why I love my job.  Few people cross your path that leave an indelible impression on your life….Erin and Brian were two such people.  Kind, joyful, fun, real and deeply in love. Creating their special day was not only a pleasure but a true honor.  I was also joined by the amazing Carissa from JL Designs.  Photos are courtesy of the delightful Kara from Kayden Studios.  If you have never visited the uber chic Hotel Casa 425 in Claremont, it is a hidden gem that you absolutely must see!  Congratulations, Erin and Brian!  Much love and happiness to you! xoxo, -k-hoff_hoff_kayden_studios_hoffwedding_100_low.jpghoff-100.jpghoff-101_logo.jpghoff-104_logo.jpghoff_hoff_kayden_studios_hoffwedding_118_low.jpghoff-124.jpghoff_hoff_kayden_studios_hoffwedding_130_low.jpghoff_hoff_kayden_studios_hoffwedding_124_low.jpghoff-1411.jpghoff-129.jpghoff-131.jpghoff-136.jpghoff_hoff_kayden_studios_hoffwedding_144_low.jpghoff-138.jpg

danah + ahmad…simply classic!

I am so very fortunate to be able to work with some amazing people in my career…Danah and Ahmad are among my favorite!  This couple is the picture of elegance and to be in their presence just makes you feel special.  It was such a pleasure to work with these two and to help them create their wedding  celebration.  The intimate gathering of 60 of their closest friends and family, took place at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, where Erin Choi and her talented team took great care of us.  Thank you to the beautiful Amelia Lyon and her handsome husband, Justin for these gorgeous pictures!  The floral artistry is the work of the brilliant team at  Square Root (of course)! Congratulations, Danah and Ahmad! xoxo, -k-daker12.jpgdaker13.jpgdaker10.jpgdaker20.jpgdaker21.jpgdaker22.jpgdaker25.jpgdaker26.jpg

kim + james…mountaingate country club

Sweet, sincere, love and laughter…these are all things that come to mind when I think of Kim and James.  I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with them for a year now, as we planned the details of the day they would become husband and wife.  The day was a beautiful celebration of love and laughter.  Thank you Kim and James for the honor of being part of your journey.Here are some of the beautiful images from their day from the amazing Joe Photo453b.jpg  483b.jpg 549b.jpg614b.jpg 103b.jpg114b.jpg566b.jpg   A very special thank you to the wonderful staff at Mountaingate Country Club, the beautiful floral artistry of Sonny Alexander Flowers, and the amazing lighting and music provided by Mike Ivey with Pro Audio DJ. Congratulations Kim and James! xoxo 

kary h events featured on wedding chicks!

The lovely ladies behind the uber fab wedding blog,Wedding Chicks featured one of my events today! Not only I am extremely happy about this but I am elated that the “chicks”, Amy Squires of Amy Squires Photography and Jocey Canrinus of Joceybella  Designs have had so much success with their beautiful blog….check them out at www.weddingchicks.com .  You chicks rock!   wcpreferred3.jpg 

kary h events featured in Ceremony Magazine!

The OC issue of Ceremony Magazine just hit the stands and I am honored that Michael and Maria’s wedding was featured!  It is a beautiful spread and the entire issue is fantastic.  Pick up a copy today or you can check it out in the featured wedding section on their website.  Enjoy!home_oc_over_2009-16.jpg 

Gila + Andrew….Dana Point, California

As Gila and Andrew prepared to walk down the aisle last weekend, there was a quiet calm about them.  The kind of calm that exists when you know you are right where you’re supposed to be.  On that day and at that very moment, that was where Gila and Andrew were…right where they were supposed to be.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with this wonderful couple!  And their wedding day was a wonderful celebration of family, friends and love.   The design for the day was drawn from Gila’s favorite color….purple!   We created an elegant atmosphere with lots of bling!  Thank you to Sandy Chiu and her amazing staff at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott for their assistance in creating a seamless day!  A special thank you to the fabulous Nisie Vorchard of Enchanted Florist for the beautiful floral design, amazing service (as always!) and the beautiful chuppah! The dance floor was crowded all night thanks to the music provided by Antix.  Favors provided by Paulette Macarons.  Invitations and stationary created by Jill Parkins Designs.  A very special shout out to my girl, Julie Weaver  at Julie Weaver Photography for these amazing images….thank you, thank you!  I love working with you!  Congratulations, Andrew and Gila! blog-11.jpgblog-2.jpgblog-3.jpgblog-4.jpgblog-6.jpgblog-8.jpgblog-9.jpgblog-111.jpgblog-12.jpgblog-13.jpg

08.08.08…robin + steve @ The Montage Resort and Spa- laguna beach

08.08.08…a very special day for a very special couple.  Just a few short months ago I met Robin and she is a pure delight!  Robin and Steve chose the breathtaking Montage Resort and Spa for the setting of their celebration.  We quickly went to work creating the details of their wedding day.  Robin’s central focus was to create an event that was fun and intimate, but that also had visual impact and was consistent with their passion for architecture.  So we had the wonderful challenge of incorporating the elements of stainless steel and plexiglass with soft florals and  brilliant lighting that reflected from ample glass surfaces.  So, who better to call on to help us achieve this look than the wonderful Jeff Johnson and the crew at Square Root floral design and the brilliant Mike Ivey at Pro Audio and Lighting.  The results were breathtaking and the artistic genius of Chenin Boutwell of Boutwell Studio captured it all! The amazing Jaime Snyder and the staff from the Montage made sure that Steve and Robin’s guests celebrated in style as every detail was attended to and the food and beverages were superb!  A special thank you to Fusion Linens and Classic Party Rentals for helping to complete the look, Innovation Invitation for embracing our theme and creating the stunning engraved stainless steel invitations and table numbers and El Beso Cigars for your hand rolled specialities! Thank you, Robin and Steve!  It was an honor to work with you…xoxo! carter-blog1.jpg carter-blog2.jpgcarter-blog3.jpgcarter-blog4.jpgcarter-blog5.jpgcarter-blog6.jpgcarter-blog7.jpgcarter-blog8.jpgcarter-blog9.jpgcarter-blog11.jpgcarter-blog12.jpgcarter-blog13.jpgcarter-blog-14.jpgcarter-blog-15.jpg carter-lbog-16.jpgcarter-blog-17.jpg

unshakable love…maria + michael- san juan capistrano

One of the many things I love about Maria and Michael is that they are the type of people who know what they like and they don’t sweat the small stuff. So, when they approached me about planning this beautiful celebration for their family and friends, the fact that we had a mere 8 weeks to pull this off did not phase them.  They were unshakable in their decisions and this became priceless as we went to work assembling a wonderful team of vendors to complete the day.  What we didn’t know was that our beautiful May weather was about to take a turn! Our plans for this amazing outdoor fete quickly became challenged by the torrential rain and hurricane force winds that faced us just days before the wedding and with no end in sight! (okay,maybe the weather just seemed that bad from my native California perspective! :) Once again, Maria and Michael were unshakable in their faith and optimism that their wedding day would be a perfect celebration, rain and all!   With much gratitude to Lewis Barker and his amazing team at Barker Decor Services who risked life and limb ( again, a minor exaggeration :) to construct this amazing open-air structure, we pulled it off! And with no exaggeration and literally 20 minutes before guests began arriving, the wind stopped and the sun came out..a true testament to Maria and Michael’s unshakable love.  Congratulations you two!  It was an honor to be a part of your day!   Here is a complete list of the wonderful people that made the day possible!  24 Carrots Catering, Sonny Alexander Flowers did a wonderful job in interpreting our wishes for an organic design with a modern twist!   Icons Band provided the fun and funky 80’s tunes, Classic Party Rentals, Fusion Linens, Its All About the Cake, the incredible team at Barker Decor Service,  And I cannot say enough about the wonderful Chenin Boutwell of Boutwell Studio.  She is pure delight from head to toe and has provided these stunning images.thank you, Chenin!mm1.jpgmm2.jpgmm3.jpgmm4.jpgmm5.jpgmm6.jpgmm7.jpgmm8.jpgmm9.jpgmm10.jpgmm11.jpgmm12.jpgmm13.jpgmm15.jpgmm16.jpgmm17.jpgmm18.jpgmm19.jpgmm20.jpgmm21.jpgmm22.jpgmm23.jpgmm24.jpg

wedding chicks launch party

Last week was the launch party at Arroyo Trabuco for wedding chicks, a fabulous new blog that is a “must read” for any bride.  Creators Jocey of Joceybella Invites and Amy of Amy Squires Photography have collaborated to bring the best of beautiful wedding design, talented vendors and inspiration to one gorgeous spot.  Be sure to check it out! Here are a few pictures from the event courtesy of the wedding chicks!party1.jpg Thank you Chicks for a great evening! 

yeah! blog & website linked….finally!

Yes, it took me a while, but finally have my blog and website linked thanks to the brilliance of Jocey at Joceybella Designs. This will force me to be more diligent with posting updates!  Stay tuned! 

maria + david @ altadena town & country club

This was a long awaited day for many…David and Maria had dated for over 10 years and finally decided to take the plunge.  Family and friends traveled from nearby town and distant continents to be there to share in this celebration.  Though rain, sleet and torrential hail pounded outside the church, there was nothing but warmth and love within…. 

A great event is the work of a great team. Here is a list of the players that made this possible!

Julie of Julie Weaver Photography is the fantastic photographer that captured these great shots.  She has an amazing talent and an artful eye for detail, not to mention a fantastic sense of humor that makes the day so much fun!

 Sandy and the wonderful staff at Altadena Town & Country Club were a delightful group to work with! 

Kreestol and Jon at Sonny Alexander Flowers created the floral masterpieces!

 Courtney Corvan provided the makeup artistry and Melisa from Hair Comes the Bride made sure of bride and maids were perfectly coiffed! 

Lighting and entertainment were provided by the wonderful gentlemen of Pro Audio and Lighting

Cinematic skills by Jennifer Anne Video 

Menus, programs and escort cards by Cloud Nine Paper 

Transportation luxury compliments of Global Limousines

Rentals by Classic Party Rentals 









matt + jacque @ rancho las lomas

 Tucked away in the beautiful hills of Silverado, Jacque and Matt exchanged vows this last weekend at Rancho Las Lomas.  They are two of the sweetest, most genuine people you could ever meet and it was a privilege to be a part of their day.  Though Jacque and I planned the majority of this event by phone and email (she and Matt live in San Francisco) they made me feel like family…thank you! The beautiful and talented Chenin Boutwell from Boutwell Studio documented the day.  Here are a few of her fabulous shots for you to enjoy!   xo, -k- moro11.jpgmoro21.jpgi love these shoes!!!love these shoes!!!moro4.jpgmoro5.jpgmoro-6.jpgmoro7.jpg moro9.jpgmoro10.jpgmoro111.jpgmoro12.jpgwaiting with anticipation!moro14.jpg moro15.jpgmoro17.jpgi love this shot of the two of them!Flowers by the amazing Leanna Henry of Bella Blooms Cupcakes by It’s All About the Cake! ( so yummy!)beautiful cupcakes by It’s All About the Cake…yummy too! moro24.jpgmoro26.jpgWhat a party!! Congratulations, Jacque and Matt!  Have fun in Bora Bora! 

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